Welcome to Human Security

This website is concerned with global poverty from the perspective of Human Security, meaning ‘freedom from want’ and ‘freedom from fear’. It was initiated in 2003 by Tony Vaux who has spent over forty years working for aid organizations.

My perspective has steadily become wider, focusing on other aspects of Western intervention such as trade and security and also on the perspectives of national governments, local organisations and of people who are poor or in distress.

In 2001, I published a book about the dilemmas of aid management, based on my experience with Oxfam: ‘The Selfish Altruist –relief work in famine and war’. After leaving Oxfam in 2001 I worked as an independent consultant for the UK government, UN organizations, international charities and others. A broader view of the aid system is now presented in a new book, ‘Trumped-up Aid and the Challenge of Global Poverty’ which will be available on Amazon.

Many of the Reports cited in this new book are accessible through this site. Some reports may only be available in hard copy (see the publications list under Tony Vaux) and others have not been published.